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Our Partners

We present here links to various associations and organizations with whom we are associated.


The Business Research and Marketing Association: Incorporated in 1977, BRMA is a not-for profit organization in the field of marketing. The organization provides numerous services to its members, including education and professional development through our seminars and publications. BRMA is also an excellent networking resource. Through publications, member and supplier directories, members are able to access a number of useful marketing resources. In addition, BRMA also works hard to represent its members with governments, trade associations, educational institutions and other such organizations. Last but not least, BRMA functions as a nexus for the dissemination of marketing data and information on marketing techniques. We offer this service to the public as well as to our members.


The Pricing Management Group , with whom TCI Management Consultants has a strategic relationship, specializes in assisting companies in making pricing decisions. (Richard Blanchard of TCI is also a Director of the Pricing Management Group.) Their services include pricing strategy, pricing tactics, the design of loyalty programs, price elasticity measurement, price segmentation, value mapping, the development of pricing models, and related services.

TCI and Seaboard/Yankee Group staff have extensive, direct, experience in the IT and telecom business from both 'hands-on' technical and strategic consulting perspectives. TCI staff have worked at major IT firms in marketing management, planning and senior IT consulting roles. TCI and Seaboard / Yankee Group staff have been active in providing guidance to the telecom sector for over 15 years and count among their clients the largest telecommunications firms in Canada.


FHG International Inc., is a Canadian based boutique consulting firm specializing in the foodservice, franchise and hospitality industries. Founded in 1984, FHG has gained a reputation as being a leader in the industry and was recognized by peer consultants from 37 countries around the world when presented with the Award of Excellence in Management Advisory Services in both 1997 and 2001.

FHG has worked with clients to developed successful restaurant, franchise and hospitality businesses, conduct operational reviews, feasibility studies, market research, corporate restructuring, strategic planning, master planning, valuations and litigation support. Clients range from independent operators and franchisees to national and international chains - from amusement, recreation and entertainment parks to internationally recognized sport stadiums and resorts.


The St. Clements Group Inc. helps organizations sell themselves, their products, services, and ideas. The firm works with governments, not-for-profits, municipalities, service providers, and product manufacturers to develop and roll out new products, ideas, and services to get their messages out. SCG creates strategies and campaigns that are driven by consumer and organizational needs and execute programmes that drive customers to make a "purchase." The firm assists organizations with product development, strategic plans, branding and marketing programmes, business plans, economic development strategies, and communications programmes.




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