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How-to Resource material

Over the years, TCI Management Consultants has helped hundreds of clients in their strategic planning and marketing needs. Some of the lessons that we've learned during that time are presented here. Please feel free to download the following documents and use them in your work. Please note however that these documents are copyrighted and may not be distributed freely without the written consent of TCI Management Consultants.

Capitalizing on Cultural and Heritage Tourism

by Greg Young, Director, TCI Management Consultants
Tourism is an important generator of economic activity. Study after study has shown that heritage and history are an important draw for tourists. Greg Young shows you how your community can take advantage of local resources to generate economic development.

Focus Groups, Brainstorming Sessions, and Large Group Planning Workshops

by Jon Linton, Director, TCI Management Consultants
What is the best way to get the most when you get a group of people together to think through issues and problems facing your organization? Jon Linton takes you through step-by-step of planning, organizing and holding group sessions. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - 165kb)

Going Global

by David Little, Associate, TCI Management Consultants
Thinking of taking your product international? Here's some classic examples of what not to do.

Integrated Approach to Survey and Questionnaire Design

by Jon Linton, Director, TCI Management Consultants
Puzzled by research terminology and the process? Here's a handy guide to take you through the steps to make sure that your research meets your organization's needs. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - 622kb)

Strategic Plan Development for Public Sector Organizations and Agencies

by Jon Linton, Director, TCI Management Consultants
Creating the overall strategy for your organization is a must-do. Getting the most from the experience is not always easy. Here's how TCI has helped many organizations get through the process. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - 131kb)

Useful Professional Sites

Here are some of the most useful sites that you'll find on the Web for statistics and basic information needed for your research.




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