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Useful information


This Industry Canada web site that is an absolute gold mine of information on Canadian business. Strategis consists of nine modules that contain different types of information. These are:

  • Company directories, including annual reports;

  • Trade data, containing on-line trade data, interprovincial trade agreements, sales leads, etc.;

  • Business information by sector;

  • Economic analysis and statistics, which includes monthly economic indicators, research publications, etc.;

  • Research, technology and innovation, including the Canadian Patent Database, the National Expertise Index, and 'Opportunity Match' - a service to help match demand with supply;

  • Business support and financing, containing information on sources of financing, specific advice on eligibility requirements for government programs (such as FedNor), etc.;

  • Licences, legislation and regulations: information on intellectual property issues, bankruptcy, and more

  • Employment and learning resources, with links to SchoolNet, employment programs for youth, the CONTACT data base, etc; and,

  • Consumer information, with links to the Canadian Trade Marks Database, as well as various consumer groups and organizations.

US Census

The census contains (what else?) US Census data, including the 1990 population census; information about the upcoming 2000 census; the 1997 economic survey; detailed profiles of each state; information on NAICS, the North American Industry Classification System; recent press releases; and so much more.

US Bureau of Labour Statistics

This website contains detailed figures on US labour force and employment, including economic data; 'the economy at a glance' - key economic indicators by month for the past year; the results of various surveys and programs (including employment statistics, prices and living conditions, compensation, productivity, and employment projections); regional data; and links to related sites.

Bureau of Economic Analysis

BEA is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, and is the nation's economic accountant, preparing estimates that illuminate key national, international, and regional aspects of the U.S. economy. The Bureau prepares statistics on GNP and GDP; state-level and local estimates of personal income; investment by sector; shipments data; and much more.

Direct Marketing Association

This web site contains several items of interest to the marketing professional. Originally set up to serve the interests of direct-mail marketers, the Association has increasingly been involved with online and electronic marketing matters (which is about as 'direct' as one can get). Their site, like many other membership organization sites, contains a 'members only' section, but non-members may still find certain items of interest. There is free information available relating to best practices in electronic marketing; a summary of the economic impact of the direct marketing industry; extensive material on consumer privacy rights and assistance to consumers and organizations being harassed by unscrupulous direct marketers; a bookstore of direct and electronic marketing materials with thumbnail book reviews; and news and upcoming events. The site is worth a quick surf and, if you think it may be useful in future, you just might want to bookmark it as well.

American Demographics

The web site offers much material of interest to the marketing professional. It contains links to useful government and commercial sites, information on 'marketing tools' and techniques, a full search capability, and much more. We have found the 'American Demographics' magazine to be a very useful reference source, on many occasions.

American Marketing Association

AMA is the world's largest and most comprehensive society of marketers, with 45,000 members in 92 countries. Their web site contains much material of interest to the marketing professional. As well as the obligatory information about membership and services, they provide information on career opportunities in the field, upcoming events of interest to marketers, information about marketing awards and recipients, and information about publications (books and magazines).

Marketing On-Line

The web site of Marketing Magazine has a whole lot of goodies for those who subscribe to the magazine, but even non-subscribers can find something useful. In particular, the non-subscriber area has links to various back issues and articles published by the magazine - it also features a search engine function where topics of interest that were previously published by the magazine can be dredged up. We have used it on several projects to find useful context and background information. Of course, to get the full value, one would want to subscribe to the magazine...but hey, isn't that what libraries are for?

Canada 411

This is where one can locate telephone numbers in Canada - here one can obtain any (well, most) listed household or business telephone number in Canada - a very handy reference for looking up potential customers, suppliers, or maybe that old girlfriend. One should read the conditions of use section before using the site - there are prohibitions, for example, against using the site to compile a list for telemarketing purposes.




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