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Economic and community development

Community and Regional Economic Development

We have worked with over 200 communities in North America on various aspects of community and regional development. This work includes the preparation of economic development and diversification plans and strategies, feasibility studies for community facilities, marketing plans and strategies, change management, and customer relationship management projects.

Cultural attractions and organizations

All stakeholders face significant issues. Artists and creators are challenged by the necessity of making a living, being represented so that their rights are respected and the value of their intellectual property creations recognized. Organizations are challenged by the need to become more self-sufficient and accountable and to balance the needs of their markets with artistic and intellectual integrity. Governments are challenged by the need to nurture and support cultural activities as a fundamental component of society but to do so through more innovative, flexible and cost-effective means.

We assist cultural organizations with marketing, public policy and advocacy issues. We bring an understanding of the changing environment and an appreciation of the balance between the needs of industry stakeholders. TCI has worked with cultural institutions such as museums, art galleries, zoos, historical attractions, botanical gardens, science centres; performing arts groups; cultural industries; rights organizations such as songwriters, artists, authors; and government departments and agencies. Areas in which we work:

  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Management/marketing teams
  • Economic impact studies
  • Training plans and plans for new activities/events
  • Market assessments, best practices and public policy

Economic Impact Assessment

We have undertaken numerous economic impact assessments of new ventures, events or facilities at the national, provincial, state, regional and local level. We focus on the incremental economic benefits of new development upon the area of concern, using standard economic impact frameworks that determine the impact in terms of jobs, additional income, tax benefits, etc. We have access to input-output models and frameworks. We also have our own approach to the measurement of local impacts resulting from new developments in a community.

We focus particularly upon the incremental, or additional, benefits that a particular new operation brings into the community or region. We do this rather than simply tracking expenditures that would have been made in the community anyway. We determine how the operation changes the structure of the local or regional economy, and the new wealth generated in the area as a result. We have also undertaken assignments involving the assessment of the viability of projects eligible for funding through international lending agencies. Our services include:

  • Programme evaluation
  • Economic/social impact analysis
  • Community planning
  • Public policy development

Aboriginal Development

Our focus is on fostering economic self sufficiency and self reliance through the development of: economic development projects, public policy; programme development skills; programme implementation skills and governance structures. We carry out assignments for First Nations, Associations of First Nations, Companies, Government and individual entrepreneurs. The following areas are of special focus.

  • Joint Ventures - We assist in the development of joint ventures between First Nations and individual companies. This has included finding appropriate partners, identifying business opportunities, helping partners work effectively together, preparing business plans and securing finance for the business.
  • Facilitation - We facilitate working sessions for First Nations, Tribal Councils, Boards of Directors and governmental committees. Goals of these sessions include developing policy, deciding on a strategic plan, brainstorming solutions to problems and determining structures of proposed new institutions.
  • Policy / Strategy Development - We undertake policy and strategy related assignments for First Nations, governments and other organizations in areas such as business development, lending institutions, international trade, cross-cultural communication and effective functioning of boards of directors. Included has been work for the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.
  • Business Planning and Market Studies - We prepare market studies and business plans for both individual entrepreneurs and First Nation enterprises focused on finding and developing business enterprises.

Tourism, Cultural, and Entertainment Industries

Our tourism, cultural and entertainment industry experience is extensive: we have worked with theme parks, museums, zoos, family entertainment centers, casinos, parks and recreation facilities, convention centers, campgrounds, hotels and resorts, botanical gardens, science centers, symphony orchestras, ballet and opera companies, the performing arts, sound recording industry, the broadcasting industry, and many more. This work has included strategic planning and marketing, change management, feasibility studies, economic impact assessments, and various other types of projects.




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