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Whitby Downtown Strategy
Case Study

TCI Management Consultants assisted the Town of Whitby to develop a strategic plan to improve its historic downtown area. For some time the quality of Downtown Whitby has been declining, both in terms of the nature and types of retail and service activities, as well as the physical integrity of the building stock and streetscape. The municipality wishes to stop this erosion, and indeed turn the situation around by ensuring that the Whitby core remains vibrant economically, as well as acting functionally as the "heart of the community".

TCI worked with a steering committee representing a wide cross-section of expertise within the community. The committee consists of municipal representatives (both civil servants as well as elected officials), business persons, and residents. In addition, in four task forces were created to look at different aspects of the development of the downtown. This included task forces focused on marketing, business and retail development, land planning and development, and community safety.


Working with the steering committee and task force to develop the downtown strategy, TCI developed the background information and assisted the community to make the decisions that underlie the downtown strategy. This included identifying or reviewing the following:

  • Existing and potential target markets

  •  Image and identity of the downtown and possible future image and identity

  • A marketing strategy including special events and promotions

  • Desirable new business, retail and service activities

  •  Institutional and cultural uses that could be located in downtown

  • Visual enhancements and streetscape improvements for the downtown and leading into the downtown

  • Program for a safer environment through design and education


To develop the downtown strategy, TCI undertook a number of activities, including:

  • Facilitating a strategic planning information and input session with the steering committee

  • Developing a vision statement with the steering committee

  • Setup and facilitated four community-based task forces

  • Participated in a Community Assist for an Urban Study Effort (CAUSE) to develop a visionary physical plan for improving a downtown area

  • Interviewed various community organization representatives and business persons

  • Met with special interest groups - business persons, special needs providers, social services, representatives of the senior's community, insurance specialists, municipal representatives (planners, fire, building, property standards) to categorize issues and to look to solutions short and long term

  • Discussed with other municipalities/associations as to how they deal with business recruitment

  • A public meeting and input session

  • A focus group session with selected individuals representing various perspectives on the current and future role of the downtown

Study Outcomes

TCI working alongside with the community developed a strategic plan that showed not only what needs to be done, but how, when and who should do it. The strategic plan recommended action on several fronts: building improvements and upgrading, signage, streetscape improvements and 'beautification', marketing, retail recruitment, and new property development.

While the Town of Whitby is expected to take the lead role in ensuring that the strategy is completed, many different downtown businesses, landlords, residents, community groups and organizations participated in the redevelopment.



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